I don't really enjoy front end web development, but I wanted to lay claim to my tiny segment of the web with as much style as I could muster, and you're looking at the result. Once, I had grandiose plans for this domain and website, but alas, it was not to be. Now, it's little more than a nexus to those areas of the web that host some of my other more important information.


Critical thinking and the scientific process have intrigued me from an early age. When I was in seventh grade my friend and I entered a science fair with a project which involved writing code to estimate the landing distance of model rockets away from the launch site. I called it the "Rocket Trajectory Mapper," and it was written in Liberty Basic. Although my code was far from useful or interesting, the process that I used to compose it— my first non-trivial program which was reviewed by a third party— would stay with me to this day. Since then, I have developed my understanding of machines and science significantly.

I graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Penn State University in 2013. To date, I have undertaken many projects in a diverse array of development environments and languages. My development platform of choice is Debian GNU/Linux. Operating system development fascinates me, and I have spent many a sleep deprived night staring intently into the masses of macros and hackery that is the Linux kernel.

In my spare time I also enjoy riding my bicycle. My favorite food is cheese of any kind, but especially havarti and mozzarella.